Service in the name of health: Double Up 4 Vision

For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what to talk about for Talk about it Tuesday. I started writing one thing and then decided against it. It wasn’t a bad post. I just didn’t want to talk about it. Then it came to me. Today’s post should be dedicated to one of my endeavors.

For those who know me, you know that I am all about service. I even joined a Sorority whose founding principles included service. Loving service the way that I do is probably why I fell in love with the public health field. There is nothing but service in this field. I am in service heaven. A lot of times the service that I am involved with need some type of physical movement on my part. My newest service for the year is no different. i will actually be riding my bike. On October 13th, participating in the Double up 4 Vision race.

Double up 4 Vision is a race hosted by Lighthouse International. For over 106 years, Lighthouse International has fought the good fight against vision loss through prevention, treatment, and empowerment. As a person who wears glasses and has an increased risk due to familial history of having severe vision issues, this organization is dear to me. My maternal grandmother, God bless her soul was legally blind in one eye. She has glaucoma and was using drops for as long as I can remember. A few years ago, my mother was diagnosed with glaucoma. While I do not have glaucoma, I am at risk and find myself going to the eye doctor several times a year. So many people of color have vision issues secondary to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Programs such as Lighthouse International are necessary in fighting the good fight. Personally, I can’t imagine being blind. I don’t even want to be legally blind.

I look forward to riding my bike in this race. I ride for all of those who can’t see but wish that they could. Being able to see for many is a luxury that not everyone can afford. I ask that you support my endeavors and give to my cause. If you happen to be on the sidelines watching, I will be the one with the purple and white bike with huffy written in gold. You can donate here. I promise you no amount is to small and is appreciated.

Today’s prescription: Appreciate the little things and take nothing for granted. No pun intended, but in the blink of an eye what you knew yesterday could be gone today.

In health,

Maliyka is health


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